Thank you for your patience!

In the past month our site has been experiencing some issues and we’d like to thank you all for bearing with us as we work to fix them. A few things happened in the meantime, so here is a small list of updates.

The first to happen- Patches For Weirdos was completely funded and the patches have been added to Etsy for general purchase. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, we couldn’t do it without you! And now you can display your weirdness to the world, just like nature intended.

Second- we had a blast at Pagan Pride Day. Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop, I hope you learned something about tarot because I certainly learned something about running a workshop… mostly to bring note cards.

Third- Our last show of the season is coming up this weekend- Bitchcraft Columbus in Hilliard! A celebration of the occult and weird right here in Ohio! I will not be doing tarot readings at this one because there are so many other very talented readers on-site. But I will be participating in trick-or-treating, so if you come by my booth in costume be prepared for some goodies!

That’s all for now! Thanks everybody!

Indy Pop Con 2018!

Indy Pop Con is this weekend and we’re going to be there! Flower Crowns, tarot readings, jewelry, art, and books about glue will be available! We will be in the vendor’s section this year, but we will be within shouting distance from the Artist’s Alley! Come give us a wave!

Pop Con is kind of huge, so just follow that little arrow.  You’ll know us when you see us.

The Glue Famine is now available for your eyeballs!

First things first- I’d like to thank everyone that encouraged me to take these lemons and turn them into a meringue.  Its been a hard year of screaming children and humiliation, but we got through it. Y’all are the best!

Secondly, here is a link to the Amazon listing  and here is a link to the Goodreads page. 

Use them both at your discretion.

For those who are not familiar with The Glue Famine, it all started in February of 2017 when the Slime fad depleted our entire stocks of glue. And you’d think that being out of something, people would accept and move on. Oh- but you’d be wrong.

Thus began a journey of glitter, glue, and children being exceptionally weird.

Ohayocon 2018!

We’re going to Ohayocon this year!

We’ll have tarot readings, flower crowns, jewelry, art, and whatever else we’ve been up to this year. Stop by and say hi in the Artist’s Alley if you happen to be around. That’s the Hyatt in downtown Columbus January 26-28.

Look for the table that’s FULL OF FLOWERS!

Moth Scarves!

If you haven’t seen it already, we now have these lovely moth scarves available on the Redbubble! They come in Cecropia and Luna Moth styles. The scarves are lightweight and fluttery- perfect for layering but also for dancing! I will be wearing mine at Pagan Pride Day on the 23rd of September, so if you’re interested in seeing it up close you’ll get a chance to!


Pagan Pride Day 2017!

I feel like it’s been forever since I updated anything and I realize that I’m cutting this a little close, but we’re going to have a tent at Indy Pagan Pride. And just for this event, I will be having a sale on all flower crowns- $5 off any flower crown at this event only! So if you’ve been eyeing some of my crowns, this would be the time to do it.  Admission to Indy Pagan Pride is one canned food to be donated to the Damien Center or cat food/litter donations to Indy Feral.

I will not likely be doing tarot readings at this event simply because I do not want to compete with the many other people offering that service, but I will have plenty of decks and guidebooks for people interested in The Sweeney Tarot. I will also have a plethora of jewelry and if you’re interested in any of my fiction I will have a selection of that as well.

IPPD says they’ll have a map up closer to the date, so I’ll be putting that up here soon!


Indy Pop Con 2017!

If you’re in the Indianapolis area July 5-7, we’ll be at Indy Pop Con. This will be our first time doing a convention with a vendor  booth (as opposed to an artist table) and we are so excited to see what we can do with the space!

We often have so much to display these days that we should have no trouble filling it- we have flower crowns and jewelry and prints to show off to everyone. Not to mention, having a little space for tarot readings will be hugely convenient for everyone.

We hope to see you there!

Acen 2017!

Hey there, Chicago!

Me and the lovely HockPock will be sharing a table at Acen in two weeks. Because of the limited space and generally young audience, I will not be displaying my books (which all have variations of adult content. I will have them behind the table if someone is curious.) But I will have flower crowns, jewelry, and tarot readings available. Pock will be displaying her art, badges, and pins.

If you’re in the Artist’s Alley, come by and see us! Strike up a conversation about werewolves, cats, and glue!

Good, Clean Dirt

Great news, everyone! Good, Clean Dirt- My newest novel, wherein the protagonist falls out of a tree, gets set on fire, drowns in a river, and gets hit in the head twice, is now available on Amazon!

 “Why is small-time crook Reuben Weller following a hippie florist in a remote mountain town? The answer is money, of course! But things get weird when  he literally stumbles into a very big secret.”

It is both available in print and for Kindle.

Also, keep a look-out for it on Goodreads. Right now it’s listed under the wrong Lee Bradford (woops!), but feel free to give it a rating and review for when it’s finally moved to the right shelf.  Reviews on Amazon are also an acceptable offering to the demi-gods.

Space 2017!

Everything is set for SPACE 2017! If you’re in the Columbus, OH area the weekend of the 25th, stop by and hang out with me at this free event! We’re going to be in the first row, selling all kinds of stuff with all kinds of awesome people.  SPACE is always fun- gathering all the indie art, comics, and writers in the area together in one place has this place buzzing! It also doesn’t hurt that it’s completely free to attend. So if you’re not doing anything on the 25th or 26th, stop on by and chill with us while we talk about art, books, and hyenas and other stuff.